Portofino Dry Gin Gift Set

Gift it to a friend, family member or to yourself. The unforgettable gin just got better. Buy yours now with special edition glasses and spoon to stir through tonic water or your favourite mixer.

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The perfect gift for any gin lover

Often it is the simplest things that inspire us the most…The look from a loved one… Feeling the warmth of the sun on our face…The scent of rosemary and lavender in the air…

Portofino Gin is the embodiment of these pleasures. Capturing the understated beauty and hidden charm of an enchanting village. Nestled between the Ligurian Hills and the Mediterranean Sea. Where dolphins swim, the days unwind, time is forgotten and life is savored, one sip at a time. Portofino Gin is the authentic spirit of that which is… Simply Portofino.

Get this limited edition Portofino Gin Set while it lasts.. The perfect gift for any gin lover, gift it to a friend, a family member or even to yourself and enjoy the unforgettable journey along the Mediterranean coast.

The Portofino Gin Gift Set comes with 1 bottle of Portofino Gin, 2 Portofino Gin Glasses, and 1 Portofino Gin stirring spoon to mix your tonic water with the unbelievable Portofino Gin. Buy online in Australia now!

Alc. Vol: 43%.
Size: 500 ml


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Weight 2.877 kg
Dimensions 35 × 11 × 28 cm