Bagnomaria Organic Strained Tomatoes 680g


Zero nasties. 100% hand-made Italian goodness. The grin is real, let us give you the sauce…

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It’s Southern Italy, and the famiglia is huddled on the back porch. Nonna’s in charge. It’s loud, Maria’s peeling pomodori, Luigi’s stirring the pot, Sarah’s sterilizing bottles. You get the gist.

The “Bagnomaria” or “bain marie” gently brings the contents to a boil, naturally preserving the quality of the humble, home-grown tomato.

And so, as the team at Awesome fondly remember these days, they’re replicating the magic. Bagno Maria passata was born, and today it’s available in BIOAGRICERT certified organic and as a conventional passata also.

So in love with their land and traditions, our Southern Italian manufacturers, Salvatore and his family, are 100% invested and instrumental from go to bellissimo – hand-selecting only the best 1 st grade products from crop to groovy jar.

Our top-notch 100% Italian tomatoes are processed within 4-12 hours, which means no citric acid is required to be added (a cause of heartburn).

Our industrial processing is much slower – the way our Italian cousins do it – allowing us to preserve the organoleptic (sensual) qualities of an end-product kept as pure as possible for our Aussie enjoyment.

Tasty, unique, organic, and since 2015, constantly certified and controlled. Why? Because we respect you the consumer as much as our beloved passata.

You don’t get a guernsey into the most competitive markets and retail chains without a high-quality product. No sir. And with our range, output, productivity and efficiency rate, no-one’s leaving the table hungry at Awesome.

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