Pasta Irollo Gluten Free Pappardelle

Irollo brings the traditional taste of Tuscany into the homes of all our customers, thanks to their gluten free alternative to the prized pappardelle. There’s no better match for your creamy carbonara or mushroom ragu than our gluten free Pappardelle!


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Are you a pasta lover that’s gluten-free?

That’s fine we’ve got you covered! Irollo Pasta is unique as they specialise in an all gluten-free range, this way no one misses out.

Pasta Irollo was founded by a pool of professionals whose know-how is highly diversified, from medical research to economic and financial specializations. It has tried to focus its core business on the research and production of gluten-free pasta intended for both celiacs and people with intolerances or allergies to gluten, but also addressing the particular needs, increasingly evident, of people who intend to introduce new types of cereals into their diet, thus diversifying the intake of the single and simple classic pasta.

Product of Italy

Ingredients: white corn, yellow corn, rice, water

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Weight 0.417 kg
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 32 cm



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