A quality gastronomical experience stems from quality ingredients, which is why Essential Gourmet is proud to offer a wide range of Campania food made from authentically-sourced ingredients to bring a piece of beloved Italy into your home! If you’re ready to get stuck into a gourmet creation, we recommend browsing through our exclusive artisan-made dried pasta from the famed region of Gragnano, or our gluten-free variety from Irollo, who combine medical research with premium ingredients to produce a product that’s 100% gut-friendly. Fuse  your dish with our strained tomatoes that were grown and picked in the ideal Mediterranean climate, introduced to you by Bagnomaria who have an unmistakable love for land and tradition. We also have you covered in the way of beverages, with both red and white wines curated from hand-picked grapes that have been grown in volcanic soils. Even our delicious golden ales from Birra Manera are Campania-made, introducing variations of caramelised malts and a conspicuous hopping to excite the palate. Or perhaps you’d like to start your day with an Intenso coffee, which encapsulates the rich culture of Italy in the form of a full-bodied and aromatic cup of Joe! Whatever it may be, we send you a warm hug from Nonna in the form of Campania food.

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